More of a “library silence,” really

This is relevant to the “backlogs=silences” line of thought, but I’m noting it mostly because I like it. The Wellcome Library had a not-very-well cataloged collection of books.

For years, a project to label and fully catalogue all 55,000 books, although helpful in retrieving requested books, remained a low priority – something of a luxury. The prospect of digitisation provided the extra impetus to push this project to the top of our to-do-list. In order to digitise we needed to accurately identify and locate the books and transport them around the building to and from the digitisation suite. Once digitised the items needed to be matched to the relevant metadata (in the Library catalogue records) for online discovery.

So, in the course of getting the books ready for digitization, “195 missing books were rediscovered and an additional 1537 books we didn’t know we had were added to the Library catalogue.”



More of a “library silence,” really

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