And then, there’s sex

A hush may fall over the archives if you want to learn much about sex in the past, right? Again, this deserves its own chapter. (It’s going to be a big book, don’t you think?)

Here’s a fun story about a find in an antiques shop: “a photo album full of erotic imagery, from magazine clippings to postcards to early attempts at pornographic film.”

More than the subversive imagery on display, though, these images patched together a lost history of sexuality and desire, silenced under the rule of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco from 1939 to 1975, during which many graphic or dissenting images were censored or destroyed.

For 10 years, Zubiaurre treasure hunted and researched similar erotic materials, eventually building a visual history of early 20th century sexuality in Spain. The X-rated treasure trove illuminates the public emergence of feminism, gay love, cross dressing, psychoanalysis, masturbation, sex manuals and hardcore porn.


The scholar has a book based on her research: 

And then, there’s sex

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