Progress in trying to understand my ambivilence

So, here’s the thing. I’m having trouble getting myself interested in writing about this topic, even though it’s a topic I’m interested in writing about. What’s up with that?

There are a lot of possible reasons, but for now I’ll just deal with one. For the moment, I have to focus on writing about this topic for an audience of archives professionals (because I have to give a talk on it).  And I don’t want to write for that audience any more. I want to talk about things they already know. I want to unearth the “gee whiz” stuff and the heartwarming stories that have the potential to interest the general public. I want to write about stuff that makes my heart warm, and makes me stop and say “gee whiz.” I want to be a popularizer and the ambassador. I want to do some good in the world, and I think right now I have a better chance of doing that (now) by shifting my focus.

But, for now (and for June!), I have to write talks for archivists. So, I need to find a way to inject the approach I’m excited about into talks that I think will meet an acceptable professional standard. I will try to have faith that if I’m excited about what I’m talking about, at least some people in the audience will be also. And if some of the more jaded PhD’s aren’t impressed, that’s ok with me. The key, as with everything, is to be myself, right? That’s how I got the success I’ve have now. So if being true to myself means adjusting my approach, that’s what I’ll do. Now I just have to try to find a way to frame my talk so that it works for both my audience and me as much as possible. And keep my eyes on the larger prize of moving on to tell the stories I want to tell and reach the people I want to reach. Keep the larger goal in mind, and remember that this is just a small stepping stone . . .


Progress in trying to understand my ambivilence

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