Why does this blog exist?

I am going to write a book for the general public about archival silences and archival riches. (Or archival plenty. I haven’t yet decided which word to use.) After some consideration, this is the theme that I find the most compelling, and which I think will also be compelling to a general audience. This blog exists because I need to force myself to get off my ass and start writing. I have to give a talk on one aspect of this topic in a little over a month, so that’s a powerful motivator. But I also need to get myself out of a well of what is, quite frankly, mild depression, and begin working again. If I become a little more confident with my writing, or if I’m really pleased with something I’ve said, I might move it over to a site aimed at a public audience, but right now, this is just for me and whatever friends and colleagues I share it with. If you find this site and I don’t know you, I’ll be surprised. But, that’s why this blog exists. To get me writing in a semi-public way.

Why does this blog exist?

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