Reasons for archival silences: “negligence”

So, I also hope to use this blog as a way of organizing and sharing examples of collections and issues related to archival silences (and archival riches). Here’s one:

As their project overview states, in Argentina “there is no organised and articulated policy regarding the conservation of photographic archives, either public or private ones. Many relevant visual archives are undergoing difficulties, if not total loss, because of the negligence of those responsible for their care.” They cite the Heinrich Sanguinetti Archive as one of these at-risk resources, due to “the physical conditions in which this archive stands (inappropriate storage, humidity, and heat conditions, and the invisibility of this collection to the public).”

This is from an article about a digitization project sponsored by Britain’s Endangered Archives Programme.

Here’s the link:

Wonderful images, and for me an example of archives working to ensure that a “silence” does not exist in the future. Interestingly, the name of the project includes “relocation” and “preservation,” but in the project description I didn’t see any indication that the images would be relocated or rehoused. They highlight cataloging and digitization.  However, digitization and cooperation with UK repositories (and media coverage like this) will ensure that the images find a wider audience.

Reasons for archival silences: “negligence”

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